Coremelt Updates!

“CoreMelt TrackX / SliceX has just (April 2015) been updated with five new plugins.  In TrackX you can now choose from a range of built in flare presets that react realistically to movement, and track and lock down presenters to keep their motion centred on screen.  For SliceX we have added new plugins to add glows to a tracked area, or sharpen with precision just the area in a tracked shape mask.  TrackX / SliceX has also been rewritten and optimised for faster tracking performance in this update.

This is a free update for all existing customers, just download our installer and run it again and you will get the new plugins.  Please note the new Track Flare and Track Flare Complex plugins appear under Effects not under generators like the other TrackX plugins.

New in this update, click on the Track Indicator Button to reveal a menu to delete track data forward or back from the current frame or delete all track data.” – Coremelt

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