Larry Jordan to close his online tutorial and webinar business

“Larry has been one of the most respected trainers and tutorial producers since the times when Final Cut could only manage NTSC DV. He’s decided it’s time to wrap up his tutorial making and webinar publishing.

We have known for a while that Larry was going to end his long run of making tutorials and webinars for content creators. At one point in FCP7 time, his newsletter was the main source of information and tips. He knew FCP7 inside out and enjoyed answering the many (often tricky) questions that were sent to him on a weekly basis.

But time moves on.

It is increasing difficult to make enough money in online ventures. With instant access to anything with a click, original content can be disseminated around the world for nothing. That accessibility questions the product’s worth and with the rise of the DIY home tutorial on YouTube and Vimeo, not only does content get copied, it also gets pirated and shared.” –

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