Best Of: Volumetric Title – FCPX Free

“Many online tutorials for Apple’s great animation app “Motion” show you how to create titles that go far beyond what the app appears to be capable of. Simon Ubsdell is one such tutorial maker and effect designer whose work is well regarded, but for those who don’t have Motion, Karsten Schluter has produced a Volumetric Title generator based on one of Simon’s tutorials.

Head to the product page, then add it to the cart and click through to the download. There’s no installer provided with this one, so you’ll need to put it in the right place yourself. In the Finder, navigate to your home directory, then Movies > Motion Templates > Generators — note, NOT Titles — and choose any sub-folder here, or make a new one if you like. If you don’t see the Generators folder, you might not have installed any third-party generators before, and you’ll need to make a folder named “Generators.localized” in Motion Templates first.

Once you’ve found the right place, copy the “volumetric title” folder from Downloads to it. Launch FCP X, look in the Generators browser, in the category you chose, and you’ll see it there on the right. Drag it to a timeline to add it.

So what makes this one special? The text (which is of course editable) casts shadows, and a light placed behind the text shines around the letters, giving a fog-like effect that changes as the camera sweeps around.” Iain Anderson

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