FCPX Survey at FCP.CO

Take part in the 2016 FCPX survey to have the chance of winning one of 15 bundles of software worth $1,200

“Every year Marquis Broadcast hosts a survey that centres around Final Cut Pro X. This year is no different, apart from the fact that each participant now has the opportunity of winning over $1200 worth of software products!

Why take part in a survey? Well, not only does it provide great feedback for the third party software writers, it also gives you the chance to be one of the fifteen lucky people to win a $1200 software bundle.(More than last year!)

The 17 prizes in the bundle range from the excellent Slice X from Coremelt, through 3D & camera transitions from Idustrial Revolution to the latest TweetVideo application from Arctic Whiteness.” – FCP.CO

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