Five Cool New FxFactory Plug-ins from Idustrial Revolution, Stupid Raisins, Ripple, Cineflare, Zoetrope

5 FxFactory Plug-ins for FCP X

These FxFactory Plug-ins will Expand Your Arsenal of Motion Graphics Tools for FCPX!

From title design to transitions, these five new FxFactory Plug-ins will give you a jump start to fast, professional, creative effects in Final Cut Pro X.

Idustrial Revolution Viral Video FxFactory Plug-in

Go Viral! Get your message across by adding dynamic boxed text and side panel annotations with Viral Video from Idustrial Revolution. Part of the FxFactory family of products.


Viral Video is fully customizable for font, color, background, position and animations, which are perfect for use when sharing your videos on social and mobile media.

The set consists of titles, transitions, and effects that when put together produce a professional, engaging result. Sets for 16:9 and square formats included. No keyframing is needed.

Choose from the built-in color palettes or use your own custom color schemes. Subtitle templates included for viewers when sound is off on mobile devices.

Get your video noticed online!

Learn More | Purchase Viral Video

This product requires Noise Industries FxFactory to run the free download.

idustrial revolution viral video idustrial revolution viral video
idustrial revolution viral video idustrial revolution viral video

Stupid Raisins Flow Pop for FCP X, FxFactory Plug-ins

Zoom, Stretch, Skew, Distortion, Perspective, Twirl, Panorama. 48 easy to use smooth transitions for Final Cut Pro X.

Flow Pop is a pack of 48 professionally designed smooth and seamless transitions made exclusively for Final Cut Pro X. Flow Pop transitions are perfect for slideshows, sports videos, trailers, promo videos, documentaries, movies and music videos.


And, Flow Pop is designed for 4K, UHD, and HD videos so you know it looks amazing!

Buy Flow Pop   Download a demo (FxFactory)

Ripple TitleMations 2.0 for FCPX – Now with 5 New Templates

Add professional, animated titles to your projects with ease, with Ripple TitleMations 2.0, now with over 30 templates from which to choose.


Special Intro Price only $49!

TitleMations is a set of professionally designed, animated title templates for Final Cut Pro X that can be used to enhance your video projects and capture your viewer’s attention.

You can use TitleMations “out of the box” or you can change the look, style and animation properties with only a few mouse clicks.

TitleMations were designed for ultimate flexibility, allowing you to mix and match, combine, and build title animations that are sophisticated, elegant and engaging.

Learn More | Purchase Ripple TitleMations

What’s new in version 2.0?

5 New Templates

  • Text Reveal – Single Bar Expeller
  • Title Blocks – Multi Wipe
  • Title Blocks – All Fly-In Left
  • Title Box – Centered
  • Title Color Range – Block Left ACR


For customers that either own or are familiar with our popular TitleMations plugin, we wanted to create a video showcasing the changes in the 2.0 version. If you already own TitleMations, these upgrades and improvements will be free, and the update to your plugin will be handled by FxFactory.

Special Intro Price only $49!

Learn More | Purchase Ripple TitleMations

But first, download Noise Industries FxFactory, a free download, to run Ripple TitleMations.

Sale ends March 28, 2017.

Cineflare Title Flair for FCPX is now available, FxFactory Plug-ins

Give your titles an extra “flair” with Title Flair: 20 title effects for Final Cut Pro X that have various shape backgrounds. Title Flair is part of the FxFactory family of products.

Title Flair is a set of 20 title effects for Final Cut Pro X that have various shape backgrounds which you can control parameters such as animations style and background shapes that give your titles an extra “flair”.


Easy Presets

Place Title Flair over your video or imagery content by navigating to the Titles browser in FCPX. Drag and drop any title over your footage. You can easily change the opacity of the background shapes, choose they animation style of the shapes combine in and going out and opacity, choose a text animation and adjust the focal area of the image.

Learn More | Purchase Cineflare Title Flair

MSRP: $49.00 Toolfarm Price: $46.55

You will need Noise Industries FxFactory to run Cineflare Title Flare, and FxFactory is a free download.

Zoetrope FOLD is now available

The new Zoetrope FOLD is a perpetually folding 3D generative design plug-in that creates simple or complex geometric forms in 3D space. Part of the FxFactory family of products.

Zoetrope FOLD is a perpetually folding generative design instrument, manifested as a video effect plugin. With FOLD, you can explore and iterate simple or complex geometric forms in 3D space, using any video source in your timeline.

FOLD can be used in a multitude of fields, including architecture, graphic design, visual arts, live performance, and motion design.  This is not your typical utilitarian time-saving plug-in. FOLD is quite simply pure inspiration for your creative process!

Zoetrope FOLD works with FCPX, Motion, Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro.

Learn More | Purchase Zoetrope FOLD


This product requires Noise Industries FxFactory to run, which is a free download).

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