Death comes to Final Cut Pro 7 with High Sierra

final cut pro 7 death

The end of Final Cut Pro 7 is here. Apple has announced that FCP7 will no longer open in the newest OS from Apple, High Sierra, coming this fall. No Film School’s Charles Haine gives FCP7 a nice send off.

Final Death Comes to Final Cut Pro 7

Final Cut Pro, the application with which many of us learned to edit, and launched companies and careers, will no longer open in the newest OS from Apple, High Sierra. Emails went out to users (thanks to Josh Granger for informing us) who currently use FCP-7 that it won’t open anymore if you upgrade. While certain older support apps like Cinema Tools haven’t opened for several generations of updates, Final Cut has continued to, and there are companies and even TV shows (See House of Cards) that continue to use it on a day to day basis. Those companies now either need to stop updating their OS or move on from Final Cut…

…Apple would like you to update to Final Cut X, its newer editing application that initially disappointed professionals but has slowly beem regaining some of the ground lost. But as opposed to the Apple vs. Avid world of 2007, the last time FCP-7 updated, we now have a broad landscape with Avid, Adobe Premiere, and Blackmagic Resolve competing for that marketshare….

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From the Apple support page – About Apple Pro Apps and macOS High Sierra

“Customers using earlier versions of Apple Pro Apps—including Final Cut Pro, Logic Pro, Motion, Compressor, or MainStage—need to update their apps to be compatible with macOS High Sierra, available this fall.”

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