Coremelt Chromatic for Final Cut Pro X – Free Update

coremelt chromatic

What is Coremelt Chromatic?

Coremelt Chromatic is the most complete and flexible grading plugin for Final Cut Pro X. Featuring integrated mask tracking with the Academy Award wining mocha tracker, powerful color keying, full RGB and HSL curves, three way colors wheels, auto white balance, exposure and color temperature.

What’s new in Coremelt Chromatic?

  • Improved Hotkeys for faster workflow
  • Gallery browser for your stack presets
  • Compare buffers to quickly do shot to shot comparisons
  • Exporting grades as CUBE files
  • Support for the Tangent Ripple control surface
  • Improved performance on the 2013 Mac Pro systems

This is a free update if you already own Chromatic, just click here and run the installer again and you will be updated to the new Chromatic version.

You can try Chromatic free for 15 days.

New Features Planned for Coremelt Chromatic (coming soon)

  • Auto color balance using an XRite Color Checker Passport Video
  • Support for HDR and Wide Gamut workflows
  • Master / Slave grade linking to update many grades at the same time across the timeline
  • Additional control surfaces
  • ACES color space

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