Final Cut Pro X 10.4 First Look by Larry Jordan

final cut pro x 10.4 review

Summary of Larry Jordan’s findings on Final Cut Pro X 10.4:

In a sentence, Apple has positioned Final Cut Pro X for the future. Yes, there are exciting new features, but the really hard work on the part of Apple’s developers was in upgrading the foundation of the application:

  • 360° VR editing, monitoring and export is now fully-supported
  • Color correction/grading is totally redesigned (color wheels are back!!)
  • HDR is now implemented across all three apps, via Rec. 2020 PQ and Rec. 2020 HLG
  • HDR media can now be viewed on an external HDR monitor
  • HEVC and HEIF are now a fully-supported codecs (iOS 11 video is now supported)
  • 8K video and projects are fully supported

Each of these required, I suspect, extensive programming changes throughout the application. If you are not into HDR, or VR or HEVC, you can look at these core changes and say: “Is that all there is?” However, that’s the wrong perspective.

What Apple has done is make sure that, as you and your projects evolve into these new media formats, FCP X will be ready and waiting for you.

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