3 New FxFactory FxPacks to Give Your Videos Instant Style

3 new fxfactory fxpacks

Check out these new FxFactory FxPacks from Noise Industries, CrumplePop, and Luca Visual FX.

fx factory block partyFxFactory Block Party

Make your clips come to life with a transition that combines lighting and particle effects in 3D.

Party Like Your Deadline Was Yesterday! Block Party lets you transition between clips through a 3D animation that mixes particles and lighting. 50 built-in presets give you an instant taste for its features and a starting point for customization.

Host support: After Effects, Premiere Pro, FCP X, Apple Motion

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luca visual fx dual glitchLuca Visual FX Dual Glitch

Add Customizable Digital & Analog Glitches to your Video in Final Cut Pro X

Create a tremendous range of distortion effects featuring 2 modes. Dual Glitch can be used as an effect or transition, and includes templates that allow for total control of every aspect of the distortion, so you can add amazing glitch effects by just tweaking a few parameters. Instant glitches! Plus, Dual Glitch also comes with 20 royalty-free glitch sound effects, created by Luca Visual FX!

Host support: FCP X

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CrumplePop SplitScreen Pro

Build split screens in FCPX and Premiere Pro

SplitScreen Pro is the most robust split screen plug-in available, and allows users to quickly and easily create custom, animated split screens, directly inside FCPX and Premiere Pro.

Host support: FCP X and Premiere Pro

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Note: All of these products are Mac only and require FxFactory to run, which is a free download.

Want a free trial?

To try a free trial of any or all of these products, download and install FxFactory. You can install these plug-ins with the FxFactory app.