Health Tips for Production and Post-Production

health tips

If you work in Post-Production, you probably spend a lot of time sitting at a computer.  If you work in production, you might do a lot of heavy lifting and carrying.  All of this can cause all sorts of problems for your wrists, your back, create headaches (the physical kind) and can even impact your mental focus.

So, as we want to help the visual effects community be healthy as well as creative, we’ve compiled a few health tips to help you do just that.  Stay Healthy.  Stay Creative.

Production and Post-Production Health Tips

Wrist Stretches for Artist/ Programmers/ Writers

Andrew from Andrew Animation shows you some wrist stretches that can help if you are experiencing pain from repetitive overuse of the hands.

Posture Tips

Professional Photographer Jay Perry and his Massage Therapist friend, Jarek Gora, have some tips on posture.

The Ultimate Guide for Optimizing Your Creativity

This FREE 50-page ‘Ultimate Guide’, from Optimize Yourself, is a manifesto on skyrocketing your creativity, no matter how many hours you’re stuck in front of a computer.

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How to Sit at a Computer (Ergonomics)

Workplace ergonomics specialists, Dohrmann Consulting, has a four-step checklist to ensure you are comfortable, safe and productive while sitting at a computer for long hours.

Read the Checklist