Advanced Audio Mixing with Roles in Final Cut Pro 10.3

Advanced Audio Mixing with Roles in Final Cut Pro 10.3

Mark Spencer from ProVideo Coalition and Sam Mestman from Lumaforge share a great tip for adding effects to audio in Final Cut Pro 10.3, on this episode of MacBreak Studio.

Advanced Audio Mixing with Roles

Mark states:

When it comes to applying effects to your audio, sometimes you want to apply one to a single component of a single clip, or all components of a clip; sometimes to all the audio within a specific subrole, and sometimes to all the audio in a overall role group. Final Cut Pro lets you do each of these, and lets you easily move back and forth between each of these levels to make additional tweaks at the clip/component level, the subrole level, and the role level.

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5 Essential Final Cut Pro Audio Editing Tutorials

Check out five essential Final Cut Pro audio editing tutorials that will help you increase your turnaround time!

Mixing and mastering audio is a challenge for a lot of professional videographers and filmmakers. But that doesn’t have to be the case, thanks to this handy roundup of essential Final Cut Pro audio editing tutorials.

1. Audio Basics in Final Cut Pro

Created By: Larry Jordan

In this clip, Larry Jordan takes us through the workflow of editing a project in Final Cut Pro X. He hits incredibly important topics such as audio techniques, settings, effects and working with music. This is really just a back-to-basics tutorial, which any professional needs every now and again.

2. Managing Audio Levels and Edits

Created By: Benjamin Halsall

This tutorial from professional video editor Ben Halsall goes over some essential tips for audio management in Final Cut Pro X. He goes over audio levels, mixing production music, and how to edit audio for techniques such as L cuts.

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How to Sync Double-System Sound in Final Cut Pro X

“Double-system sound is where you record the video on one device (a DSLR camera, for example), while the audio is recorded on a separate device (such as a digital audio recorder). Many video cameras don’t have high-quality audio recording built into them. This process resolves that issue.

In this short video, Larry explains what double-system sound is, illustrates the differences in audio quality between a mic on the DSLR camera and one recorded to a separate device, then shows how to sync the two files. In fact, there are two ways to sync double-system sound: one is very fast, and the other is very easy. Larry illustrates both.” – wolfcrow

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Libraries, fixing time lapses with optical flow and audio repair


“Is it our misguided impression, or are there more cracking tutorials out there for Final Cut Pro X than any other NLE? True or not, we thought we would list some good ones from the last few days.

On another note as well, we have seen a huge surge in videos uploaded to sharing sites with the FCPX tag attached. Not an accurate dipstick of NLE usage, but it is interesting to see how far ranging across topics FCPX has become.

Back to the tutorials and let’s start off with this seven minute look at consolidation within FCPX 10.1.2. Dustin Hoye made this short tutorial to help his staff when sharing projects but published the video to help others. If his name rings a bell, Dustin wrote one of the first articles about using FCPX in a broadcast environment, which is still a great read!” –

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Video Copilot MotionPulse

Video Copilot MotionPulse Sound FX

Video Copilot has recently announced the newest addition to their product lineup. The MotionPulse Sound FX Packs. There are currently 5 packs, Signal, Machine, Velocity, Organic, and Impact. Or you have the option of purchasing them all at once for a reduced price in the Video Copilot MotionPulse BlackBox Bundle.  Everyone loves sound fx… and pretty much everyone loves video copilot. These will surely be great additions to any project you have going in Final Cut Pro X! All products will be available to purchase tomorrow. Until then check them all out and do your research!

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