Building a Free FCP X Color Correction Filter

“One nice aspect of the symbiotic relationship between Final Cut Pro X and Motion is that Motion can be used to create effects, transitions, titles and generators for use in FCP X. These are Motion Templates and they form the basis for the creation of nearly all third-party effects filters, both paid and free. This means that if you learn a bit about Motion, you can create your own custom effects or make modifications to the existing ones supplied with FCP X. This has become very easy to do in the newest versions (FCP X 10.2.1 and Motion 5.2.1).

I decided to build a color correction filter that covered most of the standard adjustments you need with the usual types of footage. There are certainly a number of really good color correction/grading filters already on the market for FCP X. Apple’s own color board works well and with 10.2 has been broken out as a normal effects filter. However, a lot of folks don’t like its tab/puck/swatch interface and would still rather work with sliders or color wheels. So as an experiment, I built my own color correction filter for use with FCP X – and you may download here and use it for free as well.” – Oliver Peters

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Free FCP.CO FCPX plugin & template roundup

“If there is one request we hear over and over again at towers, it’s “Please bring back Free Effect Friday.” So we thought why not! A bunch of free Final Cut Pro X plugins for you to download.

You asked, we listened and gave in. Not too sure we can manage it every week, but we will do our best to highlight the new free plugins for FCPX.

First up, we will mention it again. If you haven’t download FxFactory’s Timecode plugin that displays a large timecode reader window that floats over FCPX, then do so. You have to have FxFactory installed, but that doesn’t cost.

Next is a free set of plugins called XEffects 3D Text Wraps, these allow you to wrap any image around 3D text in FCPX. Idustrial Revolution has taken the 8 built-in 3D Titles and added a drop zone to each along with publishing the XYZ position and rotation controls. This means that you can position the middle point of any of the animations where you want from the Inspector. Or indeed keyframe a move.

A lot of functionality (A lot supplied by Apple!) for free.” –

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Free FCPX Effects and Plugins

A popular post here on the blog is this one from about 2 years ago which rounded up a collection of free FCPX resources. I thought it was about time I updated it! So the following is a further round up of free effects, plugins and generators for FCPX editors. There are actually several different kinds of ‘effects’ in FCPX – transitions, clip effects, titles, generators and video animation tools.

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Free Digieffects DAMAGE Presets for FCPX

Digieffects recently had the good fortune to work with Angie Taylor to create dozens of free presets for Damage, the industry standard for bad video effects.  Damage includes the following effects:  Artifact, Blockade, Destabilize, Interference, Overexpose, Skew, Wave Displace, Channel Offset and Aged Film.  Each of these effects includes 5 free presets which will showcase even further the capabilities of the plug-ins.

Angie is a well-known industry expert in Adobe and Apple video software.. She is also an accomplished animator, compositor, and motion graphic artist. With an eclectic career that includes past stints as a DJ, prop maker, and cartoonist, today, Taylor continues to work on a diverse range of projects. Angie is also a published author with three books published; “Design Essentials for the Motion Media Artist”, “Creative After Effects 7” and “Creative After Effects 5”, all published by Focal Press, as well as an author with

The following new presets are available free of charge to Digieffects Damage users:

  • Aged Film:  desert storm, dirty old town, lowdown dirty, nearly sepia, nicotine stained, separation anxiety, utter chaos
  • Artifact:  eastern block, eighties game, pixel shifter, pixel smudge, toy bricks
  • Blockade:  broken transmission, glitchtastic, low bandwidth, redraw issues, stutterville
  • Channel Offset:  cool glow, crosstown traffic., old ghosts, pink beam, tartan time
  • Destabilize:  erratic elastic, heavy breath, in a spin, quake shake, rock-a-bye
  • Interference:  honeycomb, lilac strip, orange gingham, scanner subtly, warm pinstripe
  • Overexpose:  bloomin lovely, flame flicker, grey area, poster child, sultry city
  • Skew:  crazy hazey, dark parallels, ghost flash, vertigo, ziggy with it

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Free Motion Templates from CoreMelt!

Now Available!  A set of 10 free Motion Templates for Final Cut Pro X users.  Eight stylish transitions and two free “Glass Effect” titles.


  • Glass Lozenge Left
  • Glass Lozenge Centre


  • Blocks Fall Down
  • Blocks Flip Centre
  • Blocks Grow In
  • Door Turn Tree
  • Filmstrip Fly by
  • Glass Lozenges Wipe
  • Spike Push
  • Windscreen Wipers

From stylish lower thirds to abstract wipes, these Transitions and Titles will help you spice up your edit whether you are doing documentaries, sports events, promos or corporate video.

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Free Inside-Outside Plug-in from Alex4D

Alex Gollner has a free plug-in available for FCPX users to modify inside or outside of specific areas of footage with effects like blur, sharpen brightness, contrast and saturation.

Download Inside-Outside here

This reminds me of using the Pixel Chooser feature in Boris Continuum Complete with other plug-ins in the package for color correction, blurring or whatever. It’s a really useful plug-in, as Alex4D’s Inside-Out looks as well.