idustrial Revolution XEffects Messages for FCPX

Designed to emulate an SMS, iMessage, Facebook or WhatsApp chat.

XEffects Messages are a set of professionally designed templates that emulate an onscreen conversation via SMS, iMessage, Facebook and WhatsApp.


All elements animate automatically. The push up is directly linked to the adjustable height of the message. Overlays for top and bottom status & icon sets are included.

Pre-built colour options are included, along with all of the Google Materials palette. All text, boxes and background can be custom coloured.

Get messaging!

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CoreMelt LUTx

Color Look Up Tables (LUTs) allow you to apply preset color grades by professional colorists easily on your own footage. CoreMelt LUTx is the most powerful LUT solution for Final Cut Pro X. Plus, get LUTx for free when you purchase the CoreMelt Everything Bundle.

The initial release comes with 40 Feature Film looks designed by feature film colorist Shane Bartley in our first LUT collection, with more coming soon. Unique features include the ability to create subtle looks by lowering the intensity of the LUT in shadows, midtones and highlights, custom intuitive sliders, realtime previews of LUTs in our LUT browser and realtime wipe preview.

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Lemke Software Xe8472

Automatic color correction based on color constancy.

Xe8472 simulates processes occurring in the human brain to apply realistic, natural color adjustments to any video. Xe8472 uses a technique called color constancy to produce truly remarkable results with minimal effort. The new standard in automatic color correction is available now for Final Cut Pro and Motion.

Color Constancy is the feature of the human color perception system which ensures that the perceived color of objects remains relatively constant under varying illumination conditions.  Xe8472 actually simulates the physiological and psychological processes inside the human brain

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Update: Red Giant Magic Bullet Suite 12.1.4 Maintenance Update

Magic Bullet Suite v12.1.4 is a Free Maintenance update to Magic Bullet Suite 12 that includes a new host app, new features and some bug fixes.

Magic Bullet Suite includes Looks 3.1, Colorista III, Film, Mojo, Denoiser II, Cosmo and LUT Buddy

GPU-accelerated, real-time color correction and grading. 198 new Looks presets. Streamlined UI and UX. All-new Magic Bullet Film. Built on the same foundation as the award-winning Red Giant Universe, Magic Bullet Suite 12 includes GPU acceleration for Magic Bullet Looks, Colorista III, Mojo, Cosmo and Magic Bullet Film, bringing real time color correction and grading directly to the editing host application.

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First Look at Red Giant PluralEyes 4

“How PluralEyes 4 Works

Synched media

Basically, PluralEyes 4 will automatically ingest, organize and sync your media files and export them to your NLE project synced and ready to edit. Using the specular audio data, PluralEyes will match up the raw video and audio clips from your production and sync them. Then you can chose to export directly to FCP X or Adobe Premiere Pro or save the video and audio files out to work with any NLE, such as Sony Vegas Pro.

Of course, all your video must have some kind of audio track to perform the sync, but in my tests, even GoPro footage was easily synced with both DSLR and EXCAM clips along with a mixed audio track in a 5-cam multicam production with ease.

The PluralEyes 4 Three-Step Sync Workflow

Red Giant really streamlined PluralEyes 4’s UI and workflow and ease of use, while providing greater performance of sync capabilities of multicam productions. Simpler single cam and audio recorder shoots such as multi-clip DSLR interviews with an audio recorder can all be synced quickly – often in just seconds.

The workflow is simple: Add Media, Synchronize, Export.

When you start PluralEyes 4, its main window appears. This simplified design takes you through the step-by-step process of importing media files, synchronizing them and exporting the synched clips. While there are three tabs across the top of the top of the window, only the Add Media tab is highlighted until your project has media imported to it and ready to start synchronizing. You simply drag-drop your media folders or files onto the window and PluralEyes 4 will begin ingesting and organizing the files into separate tracks, ready to sync.

Add Media Drag Drop arrow

You can continue adding more media folders and files to create additional tracks. PluralEyes 4 is ready to sync once all your media has been added. Simply click ont he Synchronize tab to start the sync process – no further file preparation or other settings are required. Red Giant has really made this simple and taken the guesswork out of this process.” – Jeff Foster | Pro Video Coalition

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Red Giant Shooter Suite 13 and PluralEyes 4 Now Available!

The Shooter Suite 13 update includes many new features in Red Giant PluralEyes, as well as integration between PluralEyes 4 and Offload.

Shooter Suite 13

Bring your footage from set to post with confidence

Red Giant Shooter Suite is a set of tools that gives you the freedom to shoot the way you want, with the confidence that your footage will make it from your camera to the editing timeline safe, sound and in sync.

What’s new:

This update includes many new features in Red Giant PluralEyes, as well as integration between PluralEyes 4 and Offload, and works with any non-linear editor.

Included in Shooter Suite 13:

  • PLURALEYES 4.0 – Audio/Video Sync in Seconds. No clapboards or timecode needed.
  • OFFLOAD 1.0 – Simple & reliable backup of your footage in the field.
  • INSTANT 4K – Upconvert video to 4K resolution and other high-resolution formats.
  • FRAMES 1.1 – Deinterlace your older footage and convert it to 24P.

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MSRP: MSRP: $399.00  TF Price: $379.05


Fast, Accurate & Automatic
With a touch of a single button, PluralEyes analyzes the audio from your cameras and audio devices and syncs them up, in seconds. No clapboards or timecode are needed.

What’s new:

Simpler. Faster. Smarter. Better.
Syncing just got even easier. In previous versions of PluralEyes, there were over a dozen different sync combination possibilities (Try Really Hard, Change Clip Order…etc.), which meant you might have to run the sync several times before getting it right. In version 4.0, PluralEyes analyzes your footage and automatically uses the best possible options. Just hit the Sync button, and PluralEyes does the rest.

Premiere Pro Panel
Get all the power and simplicity of syncing in PluralEyes without ever having to leave Premiere Pro. Just hit the Sync button in Premiere Pro, and PluralEyes does all the work. PluralEyes will even color code your footage based on the results of the sync, so that you know which clips, if any, need your attention.

Smart Start
We’ve made importing media easier than ever. Drag and drop an entire folder of media into PluralEyes, and during a sync it will automatically detect which device the media came from. Your files will be sorted so that media from the same device are on the same track.

Automatic Drift Correction
In long clips, sound and video can stop matching up perfectly. Unlike any other sync tool in the industry, PluralEyes can account for that and export a perfect sync. New in version 4, if drift is detected, PluralEyes automatically fixes it, and gives you the option to toggle between the drift corrected sync and the original audio without correction applied.

Vertical Track Scaling
PluralEyes 4.0 adds the ability to scale tracks vertically so that you can see more detail in the waveform when inspecting your media.

Track Comparisons
Select which audio waveform is shown next to the video track, making it easier to verify that the clips have synced properly.

Offload Integration
Red Giant Offload performs a checksum during media transfer from your camera card to your hard drive, giving you the peace of mind that your footage was backed up with no loss. New in PluralEyes 4.0 is the ability to detect Offload events and bring the footage over to PluralEyes for a seamless workflow between Offload to PluralEyes to the host-app.

Keyboard Shortcuts
PluralEyes now has the same keyboard shortcuts as Premiere Pro for a more intuitive, familiar timeline and playback experience.

Color Coding
Export from PluralEyes to Premiere Pro now features a color coding option for clips that don’t sync properly. This is also part of the Premiere Pro panel experience, but also happens if you sync in PluralEyes and export to Premiere Pro.

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MSRP: $299.00  TF Price: $284.05