CoreMelt Advanced Visual Effects for Final Cut Pro using SliceX and TrackX

Roger Bolton of CoreMelt will be hosting an online webinar very soon! Its coming up on June 12th, 2014

Both SliceX and TrackX are plug-ins for Final Cut Pro X and are powered by mocha, based on the Award winning tracking and roto software from Imagineer Systems.

Roger will show you how you can use the advanced features in the new versions of TrackX and SliceX, including Motion Blur, Track Scaling and Smoothing and Re-Using Track Data.  Learn how to create some amazing visual effects by combining multiple plug-ins, right on the timeline in FCP X.

Roger will cover:

  • Tricks and techniques for tracking with mocha
  • Re-using track data using copy and paste
  • Smoothing tracked text
  • Pack Replacement Using Motion Blur
  • Tracking in a background to a moving green screen plate
  • Combining TrackX and SliceX for more complex effects

Visit here to learn how to sign up!

How to create Fight club IKEA label effect and animated text tracked to backgrounds in FCP X


Check out this awesome Tutorial from CoreMelt!

“CoreMelt TrackX powered by Mocha is a powerful tool to enable FCP X editors to easily track and insert graphics and layers. Just draw a shape around the object you want to track and the Academy Award winning Mocha tracking engine will lock on and allow you to track text, do screen replacements, replace signs and more.


In this tutorial we teach you how to track text labels to background motion or to a moving foreground object using TrackX power by Mocha in FCP X.”