5 New FxPacks from FxFactory, Idustrial Revolution, CrumplePop, and More

5 New FxPacks from FxFactory, Idustrial Revolution, CrumplePop, and More

There are 5 cool new FXPacks for Final Cut Pro X to check out and all utilize the FxFactory FxEngine.

idustrial Revolution XEffects 3D Video Walls for FCPX

Build single, multiple or complex video walls in Final Cut Pro X with the new 3D Video Walls from idustrial Revolution.  Part of the FXFactory family of products. You control the number of panels, the shape, the depth and the material. Position the wall in 3D space adding a depth of field and choose a pre-programmed animation to fly the wall in and out.

Each plugin has been built as a title to avoid cumbersome drop zones for better speed, timing and easy tweaking. Audio also always stays in sync. Use one of the 45 built-in templates, or build your own wall!

Buy 3D Video Wall at Toolfarm.com
MSRP: $99 Toolfarm Price: $94 


luca visual vj toolsLuca Visual FX VJ Tools

Motion graphics for any type of music.

A powerful set of visual creation effects for music videos, concerts, presentations, and more. It’s exclusively for Final Cut Pro X.

MSRP: $49.00 Toolfarm Price: $46.55

Buy VJ Tools at Toolfarm.com


The Luut Fontallica

Customizable animated fonts for amazing results.

5 customizable hand-painted fonts created exclusively for Final Cut Pro X.

MSRP: $99.00 Toolfarm Intro Price: $59.00

Buy Fontallica at Toolfarm.com
Limited Time Introductory Pricing


wipologyNoise Industries Wipology

Combine classic wipe transitions with essential, unique effects.

Wipology supports wide-gamut media in Final Cut Pro and uses Metal for cutting edge hardware acceleration.

MSRP: $199.00 Toolfarm Price: $189.05

Buy Wipology at Toolfarm.com


CrumplePop LUTPro for FCPX

Normalize footage shot in log format through an extensive library of LUTs or lend an artistic look to existing clips.

LUTPro by CrumplePop is a plugin that lets you apply LUT files to your video inside of Final Cut Pro X. You can use LUTPro to quickly normalize video shot in a “log” format, or you can import your own LUT collection for use in FCPX.

MSRP: $99.00 Toolfarm Price: $94.05

Buy LUTPro at Toolfarm.com

All of these products require Noise Industries FxFactory to run (Free Download).

What’s New in FCP X Plug-ins, December 2016

What’s New in FCP X Plug-ins, December 2016

Here’s what’s new in FCPX plug-ins this month at Toolfarm.com.

Stupid Raisins Snap Pop

Quickly add energy to your video clips, titles and transitions, with Snap Pop.

Snap Pop animations are extremely easy to use with a simple drag and drop motion. Add a unique look to your video in seconds. Snap Pop is designed for 4K and HD videos.

Snap Pop has 110 customizable Final Cut Pro X shapes in 21 styles. Highlight an important part of your video, reveal a logo or snap some text with any of the following animated elements.

Reg: $49.00 Toolfarm Price: $44.10

Learn More | Try | Purchase Stupid Raisins Snap Pop

See them in action in the video below.

Snap Pop requires Noise Industries FxFactory to run (Free Download).

Stupid Raisins Movie Pop (Free)

Create copycat titles of blockbuster movies.  Movie Pop is a free Final Cut Pro X title plugin inspired by movie titles. All you have to do is add your own text.

This product requires Noise Industries FxFactory to run (Free Download).

Learn more | Download Movie Pop

Assassin’s Creed Title Template

Luca Visual FX HUD Elements 4K

hud elements


Hud Elements 4K is a versatile solution for building your own unique high-tech motion graphic displays for a wide variety of projects.

With over 135 2D and 3D assets in 4K resolution and organized into 7 different categories, each element can be previewed and downloaded at will.  The user can combine/composite as many elements as desired. Further customize the look and feel by applying filters, blend modes, duration shift as well as modifying position, size, rotation etc.

Compatible with all versions from 2009 onwards of After Effect, Premier Pro, Avid Media Composer, FCP 6/7 and X, Motion, Resolve, Edius Pro on PC and Mac.

MSRP: $45.00  ToolFarm Price: $42.75

Learn More | Purchase HUD Elements 4K

Yanobox Mosaic

Learn More | Purchase Yanobox Mosaic

Reg: $299.00 TF Price: $284.05

Download a Free Trial (Demo Version Part of FxFactory Installer)

Dynamic Texturing

Use a comprehensive set of tools to constrain, balance and animate the texture fragmentation over your content. Mosaic smart texturing algorithm organizes and warps the details to help you in the production of stunning composites.

ASCII Effects

Compose authentic ACSII effects and sophisticated versions of the principle painting your footage with custom set of characters. Mosaic supports any mono-spaced font. Texturing is performed in a coordinate space independent of the viewer and lets you zoom into the effect to create sharp close-ups.

Recursive Details

Setup complex animated graphics from a small group of elements assembled on a grid. Apply Mosaic to gradient ramps, fractal noise, or any luminance map you imagine, then play with masks and adaptive tiling to localize the tesselation and quicly produce massive motion graphics.

Fully Integrated into After Effects

Fly into the motifs or create dynamic textures for your 3D models. Mosaic natively supports the After Effects Camera. This allows for seamless integration with other industry standard plugins also compatible with the 3D environment offered by AE.

Wireframe Overlay

Enhance the mapping with sharp borders, triangulations, crosses and grid overlays or transmute the footage into wireframe patterns.

Large Collection of Expandable Effects

Mosaic comes with a collection of over a hundred customisable presets and FCPX Templates based on procedural and original texture atlases. This library was created as a starting point and to inspire the creation of your own motifs made of simple grid of images, graphic elements, or video loops. View sample presets on the Product Page.

Luca Visual FX 3D Text Overlays for Final Cut Pro X

3D titles with unique animated textures.

3D Text Overlays for Final Cut Pro X features 25 Titles templates (One master template, 24 Presets) each with unique animated textures and the ability to add your own media as a ‘Projection Map’. The plug-in also features three ‘Text Animation’ menus allowing tons of combinable animation styles and includes a whopping 26 ‘Build In – Out’ options.

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