Final Cut Pro FastTrack 202: Multicam Techniques

Final Cut Pro FastTrack 202: Multicam Techniques

Watch this FastTrack™ course, and learn how to unleash the full power of multicam editing in FCP X!

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FastTrack 202: Multicam Techniques

In this course, Certified Trainer Ben Balser shares pro-tips to help you master multicam editing in FCP X.  Ben gives you an overview of Multicam Clips, with some tips to improve playback performance, and how to sync clips automatically using audio.

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Multicam Audio Editing in Final Cut Pro X

“Multicam in Final Cut Pro X has gotten even better.

The multicam implementation in Final Cut Pro X was exceptional from the time it was first introduced. The flexibility of the different options for syncing angles, including a very fast and accurate automatic sync feature made it fast and easy to create a multicam clip with up to 64 angles. You could mix and match different frames rates and resolutions in the same multicam clip. The Angle Editor made it easy to check and fix any sync issues, rename and reorder angles, and even add and remove angles. And the Angle Viewer let you cut your multicam clip in real time by clicking on banks of up to 16 angles or by simply clicking numbers for each angle. Trimming an edited multicam shoot was also easy by rolling edits or quickly replacing angles.” – Mark Spencer

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