NAB Show 2016 – What’s New For FCPX Users

What’s New For FCPX Users

“I attended NAB Show 2016, mostly at the FCP Exchange event. FCP Exchange was two days of seminars and presentations showing FCPX workflows in professional motion picture films and broadcast workflows, along with a few new product release announcements and demonstrations.

The first thing everyone asks me is about Apple’s own presentation. I can’t say much, as we all had to sign an NDA with Apple. There was footage from copyrighted work we can’t talk about, and some FCPX tidbits we can’t say anything about. I did have a brief chat with the FCPX product manger again, which was very reassuring and very enlightening. He’ll be helping me gather some information on a future blog, which I think a lot of folks will be interested in. But all in all, what I can tell you is that the future of FCPX is amazing, and 2016 will be a fantastic year for FCPX users.

The biggest takeaway from that presentation, and the presentations about feature film and broadcast workflows, is that the majority of FCPX users do not know how much it actually does. I found many folks learning FCPX does things already, which many users site as a requested feature. Yes, much of which you may be wishing FCPX could do, it already does. I saw this revelation repeated many times over my three days at NAB Show 2016. Thus the reason this site has changed focus. I will be focusing on professional techniques and workflows. The intro level stuff I’ll mostly refer out to other resources. The Final Cut Pro X community is in dire need of learning the true power and extent to what FCPX, Motion, and Compressor can really do.

The second biggest takeaway from my three days was how widespread and how quickly FCPX use in professional environments is growing. And an exploding need for FCPX experienced professional editors. I met many producers and post managers who had recently switched from Avid Media Composer, and a few from Adobe Premiere Pro, who had large projects coming up, and couldn’t find enough experienced, professional FCPX editors to fill their needs. Another reason for the shift towards professional level usage on this site.” – FCPX Guru

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Special NAB Final Cut Pro X Trainers Event

Network and enjoy a beverage with fellow Final Cut Pro X trainers from around the world at this special NAB reception presented by FCPWORKS, Intelligent AssistanceLumberjack System, and Peachpit.



  • Special Final Cut Pro X Workflow Demonstration Area.