Coremelt Lock and Load just got better

Coremelt Lock and Load just got better

Lock & Load, the fastest and most powerful stabilizer for FCP X, just got even better.

Coremelt has added support to Lock & Load for working directly on multicam clips, batch tracking of multiple clips with one click, and optimised support for MXF and the latest R3D cameras.

If you already own Lock and Load, this is a free update for you.

What’s new?

Full Support for Multicam Clips

Unlike the built in stabilizer, Lock & Load X can be used natively on angles of multi-cam clips. Apply Lock & Load just to a section of an angle that needs stabilizing, or apply Lock & Load within the Angle Editor if you wish to apply it to a complete length of an angle. Both methods are supported.

Batch Tracking

If you have many clips you need to stabilize at once, now you can paste effects or paste attributes to analyze many clips in one go. A huge time saver on many projects. To use batch processing, place lock and load onto onto clip, then select the others you wish to analyse and select either paste effects or paste attributes, you will then see a window asking you if you want to batch process the clips. Once accepting this, the batch tracking window will open and show you the list of clips to be analyzed.

Optimized support for the latest RED Cameras

including the RED Weapon 8K, 4K, SCARLET-W, EPIC-W and RED Raven 4.5K.

Optimized support for MXF files (On Sierra only).

MXF is an increasingly important standard, shot by many cameras and also often a delivery format in European countries. Lock & Load now has optimized support for MXF files, making processing of them faster and easier.

Also works with After Effects CS6-CS2015 and Premiere Pro CS6-CS2017 (Mac only)

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Lock & Load is also part of the Coremelt Everything bundle – $299.00
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Boris Continuum Complete 10 for Apple is now shipping!

Boris Continuum Complete 10 for Apple is now shipping!

Boris Continuum Complete 10 for Apple comes packed with powerful new tools and plug-ins for  FCP X and Motion 5.

What is Boris Continuum Complete?

Boris logo
Boris logo
BCC 10 is the most complete plug-in collection available for Final Cut Pro X & Motion.  Hundreds of filters and tools for professional editing, motion graphics, visual effects & finishing!

New Features in Boris Continuum Complete 10 for Apple

  • Beauty Studio
  • Image Restoration Tools
  • Light Leaks & Video Glitch
  • New Transitions<

Learn more about the new BCC 10 for Apple (FXPlug)

UsefulFX Title Punch for Final Cut Pro X

UsefulFX Title Punch for Final Cut Pro X

Special Introductory Pricing: Only $49! Now through June 21, 2016.

Spice up your existing titles, and stills or clips with transparency, with Title Punch. Title Punch is a collection of 28 animated effects, transitions, and titles for Final Cut Pro X that enhance existing titles, or anything with transparency. More than Text Styles, more than Effects, Title Punch quickly and easily makes boring titles come alive.

Title Punch is delivered, and managed through the FxFactory application.  Free FXFactory Download.

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Creating Stunning Cinemagraphs from the ISS with Final Cut Pro X and Flixel

“Armand Dijcks very kindly describes how he made the stunning cinemagraphs from images taken by Dutch astronaut André Kuipers on the International Space Station. Final Cut Pro X’s optical flow was the tool to smooth the large resolution timelapses.

We have always been a fan of making cinemagraphs and when we saw these gorgeous ones shot form the ISS, we had to find out more.

Armand takes up the story:


I’ve recently been working on a series of 4K cinemagraphs that are, quite literally, out of this world. They were created from images captured by the crew of the International Space Station.

In recent years I’ve been fortunate to be able to do some work for Dutch astronaut André Kuipers, who visited the ISS twice. During his second mission, he and his crew mates captured almost half a million images of planet Earth.

Having worked with this vast image library to create time lapse segments, I thought they would provide a really great subject for cinemagraphs as well. In contrast to a time lapse film, a cinemagraph allows you to take in the view and gaze at it for as long as you like.

To make this happen, I had to overcome a few challenges, but we’ll get to that later. First, let me take you on a virtual trip to the space station and have a look at how these amazing images are captured.” – FCP.CO

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Luca Visual FX 3D Text Overlays for Final Cut Pro X

3D titles with unique animated textures.

3D Text Overlays for Final Cut Pro X features 25 Titles templates (One master template, 24 Presets) each with unique animated textures and the ability to add your own media as a ‘Projection Map’. The plug-in also features three ‘Text Animation’ menus allowing tons of combinable animation styles and includes a whopping 26 ‘Build In – Out’ options.

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Become a Master of Blending Modes in FCPX

“Add quick stylization to your video projects with blending modes in Final Cut Pro X. Learn the technique with FREE stock footage and music from Shutterstock and PremiumBeat.

Using a video element with a blending mode is one of the fastest ways to add a custom look to your project. If you’re not already familiar with the term, a blending mode tells Final Cut Pro how to interpret the colors and luminance of a video layer. For example, the screen blending mode will completely remove black pixels in your video.

There are dozens of different blending modes in Final Cut Pro X that can affect your footage in different ways. Let’s check out a few of our favorites in a new tutorial.” – PremiumBeat

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Need plug-ins for your next Final Cut Pro X Project? Try Here

Hawaiki Super Dissolve

Super Dissolve completely reinvents the dissolve transition with a whole host of advanced features

If the look of your dissolves is important to you, this is a plug-in you can’t afford to be without.



Gamma Encoding – Super Dissolve offers unique in-depth control of the gamma encoding of the transition which has a very significant impact on the overall look.

Blend Modes – With 30 blending modes to choose from, Super Dissolve provides an incredibly rich range of compositing possibilities.

Layer Order – Another unique feature is the ability to choose the order in which the dissolve is composited.

Custom Curves – Super Dissolve offers you extensive and comprehensive control over the transition animation curves, with both a wide range of preset curves and complete manual control over the curve shape and timing.

Curve Design Interface – To facilitate the setting up of complex animation curves, Super Dissolve offers a unique interface that makes it easy to visualise exactly what you are creating.

True Asymmetric Dissolve – The unique and complex compositing technology inside Super Dissolve allows the user to create true asymmetric dissolves with discrete control over timing and blending.

Split Mode – Yet another unique feature is the ability to generate split dissolves where one half of the frame transitions through quicker than the rest.

Brightness & Blur – The ability to add either blur or brightness boost/cut or both means that the user can create glows and blooms and a variety of diffuse effects. In combination with the extensive blend modes options, this allows for some truly unique looks.

Dedicated Dip & Fade – Creating dips and fades is easy with Super Dissolve – just grab one of the dedicated modules which are optimised for these transitions. Again you have unprecedented control over every aspect of the dip or fade, allowing for subtle and complex results that no other transition offers you.

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New: SUGARfx Funtextic

Funtextic, from SugarFX, makes it easy to create animated 3d titles right inside Final Cut Pro X.

Funtextic is a powerful tool for 3D text animations in Final Cut Pro X that is easy to use and understand. Its intuitive interface lets you control where and how the text is moving at any time throughout the length of the animation, providing creative control at any stage of the process.

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