Ripple TitleMations

Introductory Pricing – Now thru June 1, 2016 – 20% Off

Add professional, animated titles to your projects with ease.

Ripple Titlemations is a set of professionally designed, animated title templates for Final Cut Pro X that can be used to enhance your video projects and capture your viewer’s attention.


With over 2 dozen templates to choose from, you can use Titlemations “out of the box” or you can change the look, style and animation properties with only a few mouse clicks.

Titlemations were designed for ultimate flexibility, allowing you to mix and match, combine, and build title animations that are sophisticated, elegant and engaging.

Titlemations from Ripple Training are delivered, and managed through the FxFactory application, and appear in the Titles Browser in Final Cut Pro X once installed. A fully-functional watermarked version is available for free. You can also watch demo videos to see how you can use Ripple Titlemations in your next project.  Free FXFactory Download.

Creating clean professional-looking title animations should be easy. With Titlemations, now they are.

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Dynamic Trimming in Final Cut Pro X

What is dynamic trimming, anyway?

There has been a lot of discussion on this topic lately, and today Steve Martin from Ripple Training jumps in with his take on what the term meant when applied to legacy Final Cut Pro and what it means today in Final Cut Pro X.

By the way, this is a special episod of MacBreak Studio for us today – our 300th episode! We’ve been doing this weekly show for over 6 years now so thank you for watching and enabling us to keep making it.

We mark the occasion with a new graphics look and we hope you like it.” – Mark Spencer | Pro Video Coalition

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Media Management Changes in Final Cut Pro X 10.1.2

MacBreak Studio is back with another episode that discusses the Media Management Changes that have been implemented in the newest version of Final Cut Pro X, version 10.1.2! Mark Spencer and Steve Martin, of Ripple Training, take you through the new features but don’t worry, they do a great job explaining! If you are using the newest version of Final Cut Pro X then you should give this video a watch!