Coremelt DriveX Callouts

DriveX Callouts are 10 Stylish animated titles to bring attention to an area of the shot of special interest.

As part of the new update to DriveX, Coremelt has added Callouts: minimal templates with simple elegant style.

The update is free to existing customers.

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DriveX – Track Text Callouts in Final Cut Pro X, sample of new templates in free update. from CoreMelt on Vimeo.

osmFCPX AddMotion – Move, Pop, Swing without keyframes

osmFCPX AddMotion – Move, Pop, Swing without keyframes

Move, pop, & swing your text, graphics or media with AddMotion. Create subtle or dynamic looks that are uniquely your own. Without leaving Final Cut. Without keyframes. Without headaches.

This product requires Noise Industries FxFactory to run (Free Download).

This product works exclusively in Final Cut Pro.

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UsefulFX Title Punch for Final Cut Pro X

UsefulFX Title Punch for Final Cut Pro X

Special Introductory Pricing: Only $49! Now through June 21, 2016.

Spice up your existing titles, and stills or clips with transparency, with Title Punch. Title Punch is a collection of 28 animated effects, transitions, and titles for Final Cut Pro X that enhance existing titles, or anything with transparency. More than Text Styles, more than Effects, Title Punch quickly and easily makes boring titles come alive.

Title Punch is delivered, and managed through the FxFactory application.  Free FXFactory Download.

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Tips to Make Your Text Look GREAT! – Larry Jordan

“This week’s article was spurred by a Ted Talk on Typefaces delivered by Matthew Carter, a legendary typeface designer that I had the pleasure of working with in the mid-1980’s when we both worked at Bitstream in Boston.

It was from Matthew all those years ago that I developed my love of using the right font for the task, which has carried over into my video work. By the way, Norbert Florendo has a great definition of the difference between “font” and “typeface:” A “font is what you use, and typeface is what you see.”

Think of a font as a song, with the typeface being the MP3 version of that song. (Though, truthfully, since the Mac calls just about everything a font. I’ll be using the two terms interchangeably during this article.)” – Larry Jordan

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MacBreak Studios – Fixing Titles in FCPX

Typos and misspellings can happen, its just a known fact of science. Even with spell-check and those nice red squiggly lines that pop up under everything mistakes can and will happen!  Check out this episode where Steve Martin from Ripple Training shows you just how effective the foundation database in Final Cut Pro X can be and how you can use it to check all of your titles for pesky misspellings!

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How to create Fight club IKEA label effect and animated text tracked to backgrounds in FCP X


“The things you own end up owning you.” – Tyler Durden

Roger Bolton has some tutorials for you up on the CoreMelt Vimeo. In this one you can learn how to recreate the Ikea scene in the cult class movie, Fight Club. Check it out above.

Then head on over to the original post where you can download the project files used in this tutorial so you can follow along step by step!

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You have met me at a very strange time in my life.

Conner Production’s Free FCP X Template: Wisp.

Check out this cool and even better, FREE template that you can pop into Final Cut Pro X and Wisp away!

Just run the simple installer, then fire up Final Cut Pro X. You will find it under Title Templates, then “Conner Productions.” It’s name is “Wisp” Simply drag it onto the timeline and enjoy! Also, easily customize all of the colors and more elements from right inside Final Cut.

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